Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Tue May 15 21:15:06 EDT 2007

Mark wrote:

> Thanks, guys, but I can't really participate properly lots of the time
> because I am just not competent to.  I either haven't read the
> reference, or I just can't keep up with the discussion.  I mean,
> sometime I just don't know what to say.  I am not up on scholarly
> writings, nor on feminist writings, nor gay/lesbian writings nor...well,
> you get the idea.  So many of you seem rather erudite, certainly smarter
> than me.  I get by, but my brain really doesn't work the way it should.

[Janet to Cat in *Charmed Life*] You do worry me when you go all
cowed. Has anyone done anything to you? [/Janet]

I mean, not that you should feel pressured to contribute when you
don't want to. But still.

Love, Ika

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