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Given that Diana's mother sounds like a ramped up version of mine, I utterly
get the mother problem.


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> On Tue, 15 May 2007, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> > Mind you, there are lots of grounds to criticise Diana's treatments of
> > mothers. Generally: girl children good, grannies good. Mothers, not so
> good.
> Indeed, though there are certainly the Maras and Millies as well.
> Ineffectual, but benevolent and clever.
> Mind you, fathers don't get off too easily, either (though the
> Ogre is better than he seems). Farily standard children's
> convention, there; make the parents evil, ineffectual, or absent
> so the kids can have Adventures.  But DWJ does rather buy into
> specific evil mother/stepmother tropes, even when not pastiching
> them ala Howl (eg. Time City, Dogsbody).  Which is fine, with
> balance.
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