[DWJ] Applegate (was HP)

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Tue May 15 10:17:06 EDT 2007

Poly teen romances? Seriously?  *makes plans to run to the

Michael Cart recently put out a book entitled _The Heart Has Its
Reasons: Young Adult Literature with Gay/Lesbian/Queer Content,
1969-2004_ with a chart at the back ticking off books which have
specific queer content.  The chart's not right; though.  When I
flipped through it looking for YA novels with bisexual characters
(there are far too few) I saw some notable absences. I'm not sure
if Hartinger was there, for one.

I think we might be up to three YA books with transgendered main
characters?  Maybe two.

ObDWJ: I don't think the gay boys in the wineshop count enough to
get chart space... *g*

Start a revolution.  Stop hating your body.

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