Juliette Curtis jcurtis at harvestroad.com
Tue May 15 02:13:28 EDT 2007

Well, I'll put my hand up. I *like* HP. I *enjoy* the books.

I see their flaws and they have many. Stereotypes, stock plot situations and
characters, poor writing, semicolons etc. But I find the books entertaining
and a thundering good read, and I enjoy them. I am looking forward to HP7
because I am eager to find out how it ends.

JKR has a few literary habits that drive me bonkers, however. Why is she
obsessed with noses? She often gives a detailed description of the nose of
each new character and is constantly going on about Snape's nose. Hagrid's
eyes are always "beetle black". And so on. The woman needs to learn a few
more adjectives.

I also see the point about slavery, social values etc, but these books are
fiction, not advocacy. I enjoy other books that include slaves such as I
Claudius and Lindsey Davis' Falco mystery stories that are set in Rome
around 50AD, but I am utterly and ineluctably opposed to slavery in real
life, and so are other HP readers. And, to be fair to JKR, she also points
out that house elves are enslaved and wizards treat other species very
badly. (One thing she does very well is to depict moral ambiguities.
Virtually every character and situation is drawn in shades of grey.)

There's nothing wrong with light entertainment. JKR's books give pleasure
even though they are not great literature and they may help children to
acquire the habit of reading, which is a very good thing.

And MarkA, please don't go back to lurking. It's always a pleasure to hear a
new voice in the discussions!


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