[DWJ] Writing for the young (was Dumbledore vs. Snape)

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Tue May 15 01:30:54 EDT 2007

Melissa Proffitt wrote:

>>Well, I liked footnotes.  In Pratchett, anyway.  Oh, nevermind, I was an 
>>adult by the time Pratchett hit the scene.
>Referential footnotes, not humorous ones.  I still hate it when I'm reading
>a book with end notes and the reference turns out to be a gazillion
>citations for other books rather than actual text.
My office mate has just written a novella, which I am proofreading for 
him. Its footnotes are awesomesauce - a mixture of satire, jokes, 
non-information and information.


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