[DWJ] Dumbledore vs. Snape

Nicholas Jackson nicholas at makyo.org.uk
Mon May 14 17:49:27 EDT 2007

(Hello.  I hope you don't mind me joining in.)

scripsit Roger ...
>I can't resist answering this. I got about a chapter and a half into
>book one and gave up in disgust. Such is life.

I'm fairly sure I've read books 1-5.  I feel quite confident in saying
this because there are copies on my bookshelves with slightly creased
spines.  I can't really remember any of the details of what happened in
them, however.

(By way of comparison, I reread 'The Magicians of Caprona' a few years
ago for the first time in about fifteen years, and I was astonished by
how much of it - even tiny details - had vividly stuck in my memory all
that time.)

I expect I'll pick up a paperback copy of books 6 and 7 at some stage:
I've (apparently) got this far and I feel some sort of vague obligation
to make it to the end.


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