[DWJ] Dumbledore vs. Snape - was Heyer and Ghibli (now withOUT Mononoke spoilers)

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Mon May 14 11:26:16 EDT 2007

In <464876C5.1060200 at allums.com>, Mark Allums wrote:
>Sorry I brought up HarryP, this isn't an HP list.  I did not intend to 
>start something, especially since it seems to be a bash the HP-verse 
>party.  It's funny; the one argument I make, everybody ignores 
>completely.  I think I will go back to lurking, at least on off-topic 

Well, you didn't bring HP up, Ika did, so you can't have *all* the
credit or blame for that!  You were replying to her throwaway comment
about "bad guys wear black", as far as I could make out.

As someone who hasn't read Potter, I wasn't able to follow the argument
you made, but was it in effect "Dumbledore is fair and Snape isn't"?  If
so, I think people have been addressing it, mostly in terms of
disagreement.  If it was "we don't yet know what Snape's motivation is",
there's not a lot to say about that if it may or may not be going to
appear in a book that hasn't come out yet, so the most anyone might have
said about it would have been "True".

Does anybody want to put a side-bet on the notion that Rowling may have
been playing a Really Complicated Game here, and that Dumbledore (Must
Not think of him as Bumblebore until I have read these books and
established whether it's justified or not) is going to turn out to be
Volteface^WVoldemorte's twin brother (see Garner, *The Weirdstone of
Brisingamen*, Cadellin and Grimnir) and therefore very slightly
ambivalent about his real wishes?  Or has she already used the dark
twin/light twin idea?  Goodness me, this leads into the next bit of your
post.  Coincidence, pure coincidence, I promise you.

>Now, how about _The Game_?  Could someone explain exactly who Flute and 
>Fiddle are supposed to be?  I didn't get that part.

Not exactly any particular pair of people, which is why they were left
out of the explanation of exact characters at the end, seems to be the
short answer.  The long one is, Think of a pair of twins and they can
probably be thought to be in some way related, but have in mind also Yan
and Ying and other pairs of related opposites.  Contrary to what one of
them claims, they do *not* own the Golden Apples, because no male does,
so that's not part of their actual role.

DWJ herself said they were a palimpsest, but I am not sure I quite 
follow what she meant by that.


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