[DWJ] Dumbledore vs. Snape - was Heyer and Ghibli (now withOUT Mononoke spoilers)

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Mon May 14 08:28:42 EDT 2007

I feel guilty about contributing to the pigpile on HP, but I'm
going to anyway, since I know the defenders are about to be out
in spades. *g*

> On 14/05/07, Ika Willis <blake at gaudaprime.co.uk> wrote:
>> *I will admit that this might be because I hate Dumbledore with such a
>> passion that I'm not entirely fair to him. But, dude, he keeps sending
>> Harry back to an abusive family 'for his own good', and he runs his
>> school on slave labour. Those are not things I can forgive, and I
>> don't think looking like Gandalf balances them out.

Yes, yes, yes, YES.  Though by the time the slave labor issue
came out, I was so angry about the Dursleys' that I'd given up on
him.  The plotty explanation for why he kept sending Harry back
was never a sell for me; the Dursleys were never abusive enough
to be clearly over-the-top, but far too abusive for safety in the
real world, and the sell of it being for Harry's safety was too
little, too late as far as I was concerned.

On Mon, 14 May 2007, Farah Mendlesohn wrote:
> (who utterly lost patience with book four and reads the rest as a
> professional duty)

For me, everything after book 2 has been professional duty.

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