[DWJ] Dumbledore vs. Snape - was Heyer and Ghibli (now withOUT Mononoke spoilers)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Mon May 14 02:51:16 EDT 2007

> > *in the case of the HP books, 'moral ambiguity' seems to mean that
> > Dumbledore consistently behaves very badly but looks like Gandalf,
> > while Snape consistently behaves very well but wears black.
> I don't remember that at all!  Dumbledore is not consistent, but he is
> consistently fair, while Snape is more (but not totally!) consistent,
> but  he is consistently unfair.  And clearly, you haven't read Book 6!

Not yet - I'm trying to finish a very long fan story I started before
it came out, and I can't take on any more canon! - but I've had the
plot explained to me, so I know what happens at the end.

The thing I can't get over is that, in every single one of the first
five books, Snape acts - often at great personal risk - to protect or
to save Harry. In fact, if he hadn't saved Harry in the Quidditch
match in the first book, Harry would be dead, Voldemort would have the
Philosopher's Stone, and this whole discussion would be moot. After
that, I have to say the attempt to whip me up into a frenzy of worry
about Snape's motives in the next four books left me rather cold,
because dude, he's *already saved the day*. I know there's an awful
lot of "OMG  TEH EVAL" sound effects every time he shows up, but look
at what he *does* - saves Harry's life in Book 1; tries to save
Harry's life in Book 3; in Book 5, is the only teacher (since Lupin
and the Patronus charm) to teach Harry any useful skills whatsoever,
in the Occlumency classes. (Okay, he's not a very good teacher; but
that doesn't make him evil.)

By contrast, I can't think of anywhere* where Dumbledore has taken any
personal risks or - let me mention this again - *saved Harry's life*.
Mostly he's risking Harry's life (cf Azkaban: "I think this plan will
work better if I go and stall the executioner and you go running round
a Forbidden Forest full of Dementors and oh-did-I-forget-to-tell-you,
Lupin's a werewolf and might turn on you at any moment? Yes, I am the
most powerful wizard in the world and you are a small and
not-very-talented boy. What's your point?")

Love, Ika

*I will admit that this might be because I hate Dumbledore with such a
passion that I'm not entirely fair to him. But, dude, he keeps sending
Harry back to an abusive family 'for his own good', and he runs his
school on slave labour. Those are not things I can forgive, and I
don't think looking like Gandalf balances them out.

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