[DWJ] Re: Heyer and Ghibli

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Sat May 12 18:04:52 EDT 2007

Kyra wrote:
>I thought I would chime in on the _Totoro_ consensus from an unusual
>perspective - I don't really consider myself a Ghibli fan.  I actually
>actively dislike _Nausciaa_, and while I don't actively dislike any of the
>others, I find most of them pretty dull.  But the exceptions to that, the
>ones that even a Ghibli skeptic like me thinks are totally awesome and
>wonderful, are _Spirited Away_ and _Totoro_.  _Totoro_ is like the perfect
>children's film.  I loved it as an adult; I only wish that I could have
>seen it as a child.

>So see?  Everybody recommends it!

Langford does too, and he doesn't like anime.

My own personal favourite after *Totoro* is *Princess Mokonake* -- quite
apart from being extraordinarily beautiful and having probably the
cutest small irrelevant creatures ever, it's the one I found most
thought-provoking.  Nothing in it is cut-and-dried, black-and-white,
good-and-bad, nobody is quite what they appear superficially to be, and
there are more small important twists than I can readily keep track of.

*Spirited Away* is the next after that.

*Howl's Moving castle* suffers because it doesn't match up to the book, 
for me; if I hadn't read the book first it might be up there with those 
three, but as it is I don't feel quite as much enthusiasm.


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