[DWJ] Re: Heyer and Ghibli

Aimee Smith aimees001 at gmail.com
Fri May 11 20:10:33 EDT 2007

Oh, thank you for all the Heyer suggestions!
I nearly bought one in the shop last weekend, but didn't know which  
one to get.
You all love her so much, I almost picked one at random.
But then I saw all the other books I wanted to buy and thought, "rice  
and tomato sauce is really gross", and didn't tempt myself by looking  

On another topic, has anyone seen "Grave of the Fireflies" by  
Miyazaki and can tell me whether they would show it to a class of  
immature 13 year olds?
I had it at the counter but the man behind the desk warned me that  
although it was brilliant, it was terribly, horribly sad. I didn't  
think I wanted something that sad, so I didn't buy it.
I originally picked it up because it seemed like it would go nicely  
with "Once" by Morris Gleitzman. Which, granted, I couldn't teach to  
the aforementioned class for the aforementioned reasons, so the whole  
discussion is for future reference only.

I want to buy more Studio Ghibli, but I don't know which one is best  
to watch next. Kiki's Delivery Service? I've seen Princess Mononoke,  
Spirited Away and Howl's.


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