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Fri May 11 13:28:06 EDT 2007

Beck said...

> It is definitely the kind of list on which everyone is so sympatico
> that one feels obliged to note *all* recommendations, and follow them
> up too. Thogh actually... afer the last big discussion of Heyer, I dug
> out the pile of books I'd bought at a jumble sale after the preceding
> big discussion of Heyer, and actually read one. It was called 'Charity
> Girl', and I didn't get much out of it, I have to say. Was it an
> unlucky choice, or is Georgette not for me?

"Charity Girl" is okay, but I wouldn't class it as one of her best, and not 
one to start on.

My first was "Arabella", which I still love.  Other good ones for starting 
with might be "The Unknown Ajax", which has smugglers as well as romance, 
and is very funny; "These Old Shades" if you like sentiment and melodrama 
and a thoroughly implausible plot; or "Frederica" for an eminently practical 
heroine and her lively family.

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