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Fri May 11 11:10:04 EDT 2007

> Beck enquired:
> > It was called 'Charity
> > Girl', and I didn't get much out of it, I have to
> say. Was it an
> > unlucky choice, or is Georgette not for me?

And Philip said:
> Not one of her best, I would say, but not an awful
> one that I'd expect
> to put an unsuspecting newbie right off!
> If you can bear to try another, have a go at
> Venetia, False Colours, The
> Grand Sophy or The Toll Gate.   Or possibly Bath
> Tangle or Arabella or
> Cotillion or The Quiet Gentleman... Everybody will
> have a different
> favourite, I think, but all those I've listed are
> ones I'd recommend or
> ones I've heard recommended.
> Ones to avoid are the mediaeval ones (The Conqueror,
> Simon the
> Coldheart, My Lord John), Royal Escape, Cousin Kate,
> Regency Buck.  Not
> that I am saying that any of them is bad (The
> Conqueror is one of my
> favourites), just that they're not good
> introductions to Heyer.
> I'm sure others will have their own suggestions, but
> this is a start...
> Philip.

Good suggestions, Philip! Both on the recommends and
the avoids.  

I'd suggest The Unknown Ajax, too.  And avoid (until
later, when you are safely addicted) Lady of Quality,
Powder and Patch, and April Lady).

There are fans who would fiercely object to any
"avoid", of course, but these are my best suggestions.
 Happy Heyering!


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