[DWJ] Lurkers on the list

Beck Laxton becklaxton at yahoo.com
Fri May 11 03:48:25 EDT 2007

... and some of us go on lurking because we're always umpteen digest
behind (one hundred and forty-seven, before I started the current
reading binge), but being picky about these things still have to read
them in chronological order, with no peeking. 

It was particularly annoying, because I recognised Minnow's quotation
("You run a grave risk, my friend, of being turned into a piece of
toast, and eaten.") -- it took a while for the synapses to connect, but
I resisted the temptation to google while my brain did its stuff.
That's another great book that was Disneyfied out of all recognition,
wasn't it? 

But does anyone else find White's revisions rather odd? (When you buy
'The Sword in the Stone' as part of 'The Once and Future King', TSitS
has several chapters changed for others, losing Madam Mim for a visit
to Morgan La Fay's castle, for instance. I get so distressed by this,
being much atached to the original, that I'm quite incapable of judging
whether the changes are really for the better. The only bit that's
helpful is that the Wart is now called the Wart because it 'more or
less' rhymed with Arthur, his real name. I'd spent a lot of time
fretting over this one.

All the best, Beck

Beck Laxton, Sawston (between Cambridge and Saffron Walden, UK)

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