[DWJ] Re: Archers Goon dvd

Ulrika Isacsson ulrikamc at gmail.com
Wed May 9 12:46:33 EDT 2007

2007/5/9, Farah Mendlesohn <farah.sf at gmail.com>:
> Folks,
> which bit of "you are breaking the law" didn't get through. If you don't
> care for yourselves, please be aware that it is the list moderator who
> would
> be held legally responsible.
> *please*, reply to Fiona off list.
> Farah

I didn't realise that it was still on sale - at least I didn't find it in
Amazon.com which is where I checked. Also - there is a time lag here. I'm
not reading these messages from work during daytime - as maybe you do. I
read my mail at home, usually once in the evening, and your message was read
AFTER I replied.

Ord - ger livet meningar

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