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Gili Bar-Hillel gbhillel at netvision.net.il
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I think I am speaking for more than one person when I write that, though I
do not feel comfortable ordering from unfamiliar websites in Hong Kong or
wherever, I would GLADLY purchase a legal copy of "Archer's Goon" directly
from the BBC, if one were readily available. I would even more gladly
participate in some kind of group purchase: it makes sense that having a
certain number of people commit to purchasing copies of the series could
alleviate costs. However, though I have more than once searched the BBC
website in an attempt to figure out how I would approach them to suggest
such a group purchase, no obvious address turned up. Is there anyone on the
list with some inner knowledge of the BBC who could point us in the right

And also, when similar issues have come up in the past, I believe more than
one of us has expressed a readiness to send royalties directly to DWJ
herself! I don't think any of us wish to deny the author and other creators
their dues - just looking for an easy way to get hold of an elusive


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Farah wrote:

>I was wrong, Hong Kong not Japan. Even less of a surprise given it was
>still/had only just stopped being a UK colony
>Currently out of stock, but it does exist. My copy took three months to

My feeling would be that if I wanted to know whether it were possible to
get a DVD of the Archer's Goon television series, my first action would be
to make enquiries about its availability of the people who made the series,
which would be the BBC.

Was this what  you did, Farah?


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