[DWJ] Re: Archers Goon dvd

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed May 9 05:57:20 EDT 2007

Farah wrote:

>But my "moral" issue is that you have no right to compromise someone else. I
>don't honestly care if you make copies. I'm not claiming innocence. But if
>you start *advertising* this then we are into different territory.

Funnily enough my "moral" issue is that pirated DVDs don't pay any royalty
to the authors of the work, so in effect one is stealing from the creators
of the original series (which means from the BBC, which means from the
people who fund it, ie me, Farah, and, um, not Deborah 'cos she's in the
USA and doesn't pay a licence fee or tax for the beeb), and from Diana
Wynne Jones, who would be entitled to a few pennies.

In the case of a DVD that doesn't exist, I suppose it might be a slightly
different matter, but it seems from Farah's information that this one
*does* exist.

>I'm not speaking hypothetically or from ignorance: I was part of a
>Department of Trade and Industry investigation team a few years ago (I was
>asked because sf is the most commonly pirated material).  The big companies
>now monitor the internet for peer-to-peer copying. if they spot it they have
>and will prosecute. And it is Deborah they would prosecute.

Just as they will prosecute the parents of a ten-year-old who downloads
illicit copies of pop songs.  Yes.

As a matter of interest, would they not have to prove that copies had
actually been made and distributed, even so?  I would have thought that a
hypothetical "If I were to make copies of this tape would anyy want one?"
question wouldn't amount to proof that such copies had actually been made
and distributed.

That's a serious question, Farah or anyone who happens to know.


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