[DWJ] Re: Archers Goon dvd

Farah Mendlesohn farah.sf at gmail.com
Wed May 9 02:17:15 EDT 2007

Yes, the Japanese DVDs are authorized, legal, come with a stamp and have
Japanese subtitles. The Japanese are huge importers of UK material, just as
the UK is one of the largest western markets for Japanese imports.

But my "moral" issue is that you have no right to compromise someone else. I
don't honestly care if you make copies. I'm not claiming innocence. But if
you start *advertising* this then we are into different territory.

I'm not speaking hypothetically or from ignorance: I was part of a
Department of Trade and Industry investigation team a few years ago (I was
asked because sf is the most commonly pirated material).  The big companies
now monitor the internet for peer-to-peer copying. if they spot it they have
and will prosecute. And it is Deborah they would prosecute.


> It seems to me if there is no authorized version for
> sale out there, morally, at least, there should be no
> problem.  I don't know about the legality, I admit.
> But who would have financial incentive to go after a
> person on an obscure (sorry, Deborah) list who is
> making a FEW copies for free?
> Esther
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