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I was interested in the residual damage that remained after Chesney and his
friends were banned, and its parallels in tourism-focused economies in our

The world had focussed on the tours for so long that its resources,
government, and whole social structure were formed around them, for example
the university taught only the kind of magic that the tours required.
Presumably there were similar problems at the bardic college, healers hall,
and even the thieves guild.

The disruption caused by the new students was ultimately going to be very
useful in broadening the university's scope but there would be a lot of
trouble on the way and the university's staff were not going to enjoy it.

There'd be all sorts of economic fallout too. As a parallel in our world,
Australian tourism in Bali fell dramatically after the Bali bombings a few
years ago, which led to great hardship for ordinary Balinese whose
livelihood was derived from tourism.

Personally I thought it was very funny that Wehrmach turned himself into a
barstool and the students took him to the pub. At least he was in his native
environment! I laughed out loud when I read that you could easily identify
him because he was taller and gloomier than the other barstools. I wonder if
that doctor knows about DWJ's revenge on him (*snigger snigger smirk*). 


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Esther asked for help concerning YoTG

> I really loved this book and I'd love some alternate
> way of looking at these problems so I can continue to
> love it.  

For me, it's the other way round. I confess I never reread YotG (although I
remember liking the university essays). The whole Wehrmacht issue (is there
acutally a second "h"? My godness...) threw my off completly, starting with
this name I just can't ignore and continuing with all the rest. Also, almost
the whole cast being married off at the end didn't help either. That
probably it isn't even true, but I rememer the impression that nearly every
character found a singnifant other.

So I'd be greatful for some reasons to reread, what to look for when not
looking at W. Or maybe a different perspective on him...

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