[DWJ] Year of the Griffin

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Tue May 8 04:06:25 EDT 2007

Esther asked for help concerning YoTG

> I really loved this book and I'd love some alternate
> way of looking at these problems so I can continue to
> love it.  

For me, it's the other way round. I confess I never reread YotG (although I remember liking the university essays). The whole Wehrmacht issue (is there acutally a second "h"? My godness...) threw my off completly, starting with this name I just can't ignore and continuing with all the rest. Also, almost the whole cast being married off at the end didn't help either. That probably it isn't even true, but I rememer the impression that nearly every character found a singnifant other.

So I'd be greatful for some reasons to reread, what to look for when not looking at W. Or maybe a different perspective on him...

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