[DWJ] The House of Many Ways

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Tue May 8 03:47:03 EDT 2007

I've been having trouble posting, so hopefully this works at last:

(written on Monday)
Another Sophie and Howl story! And called 'House of Many  
Ways!' (reminds me of my pet would-be-thesis/ongoing story writing  
obsession topic, the role of the house in fantasy fiction *heart  
races, mildly hyperventilates*)
Please pass on to her she has made my Very Bad Weekend A Whole Lot  
Better than the shock of speaking to Dylan Moran (of Black Books) in  
Borders in Brisbane yesterday!
I felt just awful today, and had Borders frustration yesterday (apart  
from Dylan Moran - so many books and international dvds... so much  
indecision... not nearly enough money). So I went on a book buying  
binge today. I now own 'Pinhoe Egg' (to be read before becoming a  
gift), 'Kristin Lavransdatter' (Probably not read before giving as  
gift, unless people here can enthuse me), The Woman in White (which  
is deliciously begun, and has truly hilarious descriptions of  
characters), 'The Lives of Christopher Chant' and 'Charmed  
Life' (these two on the cheap table!).
Not that I've got any further through my To Be Read pile. But just  
buying and looking at books makes me happy. Just the idea of them,  
pure and simple. Sigh.
:D - another Sophie and Howl story!

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> DWJ has authorised me to tell the list that this afternoon she  
> staggered to
> the Post Office carrying three large parcels, each of which  
> contained one
> printout of the book she has just finshed, one for her agent and  
> one for
> each of two publishers.
> It is called *House of Many Ways*, and I am further authorised to  
> "annoy
> everyone by telling them that it has in it both elves and kobolds, So
> There."  (I quote.)
> There is no telling when it will actually reach the readers, but  
> apparently
> the American publisher has been positively agitating to get it, so  
> maybe
> some time before 2009 they'll manage to rush it to bookshops....
> When I have more information I'll pass it on.
> Minnow

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