[DWJ] Year of the Griffin

estairm at yahoo.com estairm at yahoo.com
Mon May 7 13:45:24 EDT 2007

I love Year of the Griffin and re-read it pretty
often.  This last time something bugged me.  A lot.

Wehrmacht was stupid, insulting, annoying, took credit
for others' acheivements, and denied his own mistakes.
 Not someone you want to marry.  But it was pretty
clear to the people around him that his bullying
qualities came from insecurity.   

Did he deserve to be a permanent foot stool?

As compared to the ASSASSINS, who were described as
having their own code of honor (!?) by a sympathetic
character. Code of honor meaning that they really
wanted to perform their job OF MURDERING any innocent
person that someone would pay them for!? They got off
with a warning not to finish this particular murder
job, but were otherwise free to continue their normal
(murderous) lives.

I really loved this book and I'd love some alternate
way of looking at these problems so I can continue to
love it.  



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