[DWJ] Re: Why I love Dark Lord

jane kenneway janekenneway at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 7 12:41:05 EDT 2007

I hated Dark Lord the first time I read it - I thought
it was too similar to Terry Brooks Magic Kingdom and I
found all the violence very disturbing. I almost
missed the rape scene but found the image of the
armies being driven across the country like cattle
(only less well treated!) upsetting - it was as if the
main characters morphed into Nazi prison camp camp
guards and forgot that the soldiers were people. The
whole book seemed utterly brutal and the idea that the
mother (sorry can't remember her name) would just
stand back and let her family be treated like this
(and learn to treat others this way) was horrific. I
still find it doesn't sit very well with Year of the
Griffin, even though many of the characters are the
same and supposedly set in the same world.
On the other hand I love Sunshine and re-read it
frequently. I like the juxtaposition of all the baking
and normality with vampire wars. It also fits in
nicely with my ideas that we are all extraordinary
(Other) in some way and that people can have
friendships across that diversity. I may have to go
and bake something gooey and chocolatey now - thinking
about Sunshine always gives me cake cravings!

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