[DWJ] Why I love Dark Lord (was: re: new book)

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Sun May 6 15:28:56 EDT 2007

Kyla Mackay-Smith <kyla at sccs.swarthmore.edu> wrote:>Mmm. I am so looking forward to this.

>Also, since I am sick with a nasty cold, I gave myself yesterday off from
>school work and lay in bed all day, reading Dark Lord of Derkholm and >Year of the Griffin.
It's interesting to me that for a few years in a row, I've had a huge urge to re-read Dark Lord over the summer.  I haven't even read all of DWJ's books, yet I return to Dark Lord over and over.  Any Freudian analysis on this?  Why would I love it so much?  Besides the fact that I come from a somewhat eclectic family, I can't understand what would draw me to this book in particular.  I remember a while ago (maybe last summer) there was a discussion here about violence/possible rape in the book, and for a while I wondered if the very dark components were part of my fascination with the book; but while I find them interesting, I don't have personal experience with bodily violence, so I'm not sure why that would stand out to me.

I tend to be able to pinpoint what draws me to certain books*, but this one is eluding me.  It's driving me crazy for just that reason.  Any ideas?

Of course I must mention that I'm dancing a jig about the new book!


*For instance, two of my other all-time favorite novels are Gaudy Night by Dorothy L. Sayers and Sunshine by Robin McKinley.  In the first, I know I'm very drawn to the exploration of academia as a cloister vs. living in the "real world."  In the second, I like the themes of accepting one's destiny and coming into special powers.

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