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>Date: Fri, 4 May 2007 23:58:51 +0100
>DWJ has authorised me to tell the list that this afternoon she staggered to
>the Post Office carrying three large parcels, each of which contained one
>printout of the book she has just finshed, one for her agent and one for
>each of two publishers.
>It is called *House of Many Ways*, and I am further authorised to "annoy
>everyone by telling them that it has in it both elves and kobolds, So
>There."  (I quote.)
>There is no telling when it will actually reach the readers, but apparently
>the American publisher has been positively agitating to get it, so maybe
>some time before 2009 they'll manage to rush it to bookshops....
>When I have more information I'll pass it on.
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