[DWJ] Incestuous dogs (was Byron)

Susanna Victoria dragonflygreen11 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 30 13:16:18 EDT 2007

> Kyra:
> >> > Sure, but still.  Isn't the father of Patchie's
> children actually one of
> >> > her brothers?  Leaving aside the emotional
> issues, that's _got_ to be
> >> bad
> >> > for the gene pool.
> Farah:
> >No, It's made clear that it is one of Herne's dogs
> who jumps over the
> >barrier and father's Patchie's puppies.
> So it may be only her uncle, or possibly her father?
>  *That's* all right then!

If I recall correctly, it is strongly implied that the
dog that fathers Patchie's puppies is also her and
Sirius's father.  Doesn't he say something about
Sirius reminding him of a former amour (i.e., their


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