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On Mar 29, 2007, at 9:28 PM, Ika Willis wrote:

> Ee! I hadn't ever thought of Awful/the Goon as incestuous! (They're
> not *really*, are they? In that Awful is the child of Catriona and
> Quentin and the Goon isn't? Or did I miss something?*) They're one of
> my favourite DWJ couples.

I could sit down and do family trees, but I would say that they're
not very closely related.  The Goon is Hathaway's brother, and
Hathaway is Awful's ancestor, but it's got to be at least eight or
ten generations back.  I'm pretty sure that's not incest by anybody's
standards*.  Howard being the Goon's brother doesn't enter into
it, because Howard is no more closely related to Awful by blood
than the Goon is.

*Well, by the Church's standards, whose standards
are the only ones I really know anything about**, due to an
interesting seminar on medieval marriage I did for my

**No, wait, I know something about how the Native
Americans of the Northwest Coast calculated relatedness,
which I found pretty mind-boggling when I found out about
it, and the relationships in LeGuin's Fisher of the Inland Sea [sic?]
which still involve me with pencil and paper.

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