[DWJ] Incestuous dogs (was Byron)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Fri Mar 30 05:42:20 EDT 2007

>> > Sure, but still.  Isn't the father of Patchie's children actually one of
>> > her brothers?  Leaving aside the emotional issues, that's _got_ to be
>> bad
>> > for the gene pool.

>No, It's made clear that it is one of Herne's dogs who jumps over the
>barrier and father's Patchie's puppies.

So it may be only her uncle, or possibly her father?  *That's* all right then!

>> ** eg: a few years ago the Spanish government upheld the legality of
>> the marriage of a brother/sister couple (they were raised apart and
>> didn't know they were related till after they got together - I think
>> in this case though the sister was past childbearing age)

>But a similar case in Germany has resulted in imprisonment for the man three
>times, and all the children have been taken into care.

Which is pretty silly, since it's too late to prevent those children from
having been conceived, and jailing their father (why only him?  Why not the
mother too?) and taking them into care just messes them up to no particular

It's going to be a bit awkward about the people who resulted from
sperm-donation if we are really worried about incest as a genetic thing:
there were very few donors, at the beginning, and there must be a *lot* of
half-siblings around who have no particular reason to know their genetic
relationship to each other.


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