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On Fri, 30 Mar 2007, Ika Willis wrote:

> Ee! I hadn't ever thought of Awful/the Goon as incestuous! (They're
> not *really*, are they? In that Awful is the child of Catriona and
> Quentin and the Goon isn't? Or did I miss something?*) They're one of
> my favourite DWJ couples.
No, you haven't missed anything!  They are _very_ distant relatives, but
it's far, far, far beyond the level where we would care about worrying it.
Given that both of my mother's parents and my father's mother were all
Ashkenazi Jews from Galicia, they're probably even more closely related
than Erskine and Awful are ;-).   It's just that I think of Awful as
Howard's sister and Erskine as his brother, despite the fact that he grew
up with them in two different lifetimes.  But just because Awful and
Erskine are both Howard's siblings, it doesn't make them siblings to each
other.  The sibling relationship is safely non-transitive (and Howard is
genetically related to Awful only as much as Erskine is, anyway).

> I've just finished rereading it (God, it's a miserable book) - DWJ
> kindly puts in a line to say that 'being brother and sister doesn't
> matter to dogs the same way it does to humans', the first time Sirius
> finds out about Bruce and the others, to soothe our feelings in
> advance of the Patchie situation.
Sure, but still.  Isn't the father of Patchie's children actually one of
her brothers?  Leaving aside the emotional issues, that's _got_ to be bad
for the gene pool.  I mean, I knew that purebred dogs were inbred, but I
didn't realize that they were even capable of being quite _that_ inbred.

> Love, Ika

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