[DWJ] Byron (was long ago thread called Book recommendations)

Ika Willis blake at gaudaprime.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 23:28:30 EDT 2007

Kyra wrote:

> and I realized that I was thinking of saying, "and then Howard starts to
> worry that his brother might come back and be interested in dating his
> sister."

Ee! I hadn't ever thought of Awful/the Goon as incestuous! (They're
not *really*, are they? In that Awful is the child of Catriona and
Quentin and the Goon isn't? Or did I miss something?*) They're one of
my favourite DWJ couples.

> I'm torn between wanting to avoid talking about _Dogsbody_ and incest
> because it's just too disturbing and being curious.  Do dogs really _do_
> that?

I've just finished rereading it (God, it's a miserable book) - DWJ
kindly puts in a line to say that 'being brother and sister doesn't
matter to dogs the same way it does to humans', the first time Sirius
finds out about Bruce and the others, to soothe our feelings in
advance of the Patchie situation.

Love, Ika

*I often do. I was very surprised when Jenny told me that Faber John
was [spoiler] in *A Tale of Time City*, and I'd read it at least twice
by then.

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