[DWJ] long ago thread called Book recommendations

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 29 20:14:42 EDT 2007

Elizabeth Parks wrote:

> Mark and Otter:
>> > I can tell you more about Diana Wynne Jones than the
>> > Brontes, for that matter.
>> Answer #1:  Literary as they were, I doubt they would have
>> appreciated Diana Wynne Jones.
> Oh, I don't know, I rather think Charlotte at least would have liked
> Diana Wynne Jones.  Look how crazy the juvenalia is--very romantic,
> one might say drivel.  CB loved Byron and disliked Jane Austen (that
> last might set her apart from most of this list).

I think I've had my mind poisoned by Antonia Forest, because I think DWJ 
would be tempted to smack the Brontes for being so melodramatic.


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