[DWJ] long ago thread called Book recommendations

Robyn Starkey rohina at shaw.ca
Thu Mar 29 20:09:13 EDT 2007

Minnow wrote:

>>Given that
>>you've already done that lecture twenty times so far in your career, and
>>know it like the back of your hand?
>Definitely anything else.  I'd be bored to tears doing the same thing year
>after year.  I'd tidy that lecture up and publish it, and go on to
>something new, after about the third time at most.
I think this is definitely a function of class size. If we are talking 
about lectures in the sense of talking for 55 minutes to an audience of 
80 or 100, I agree, it would be 3 times (first time to make a mess of 
it, the second time to fix the hash, and the third to fine tune), and 
then I would want to go on to something else, or at least rotate my 
material a bit. However, I generally teach to classes of between 15 and 
35 students, so lectures are often more like conversations which go on 
over the course of a semester, and they aren't really the same every 
time because the students see different things, and different issues 
come up. So I have now taught the same texts in my survey course between 
8 and 10 times (I have changed a few), but it isn't really boring yet.


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