[DWJ] Re: Lurkers on the List

Laurel Lamme lalamme at gru.net
Thu Mar 29 17:29:08 EDT 2007

Colin Fine wrote:

> Ah. When I first came to Bradford, 15 years ago, my brother lent me 
> his car for the first few months. When he delivered it to me the day I 
> was coming up here, he apologetically explained that it seemed to have 
> lost first gear. By the time I arrived, it had lost second as well. 
> Imagine arriving in an unfamiliar and *hilly* city with no gear 
> wimpier than third ....
> Colin 

Last summer I took a job driving a manual-transmission car (and two 
cats) across the US from Seattle to Florida, having never driven manual 
before, but rather foolishly confident that I could pick it up somehow.  
Arriving in Seattle with one lesson in shifting to my name, I was set 
free for a couple of days to figure the car out before I picked up my 
feline passengers (less nervewracking for everyone, I assure you.)  All 
I can say is that I am very impressed with the courtesy of Seattle 
drivers - despite stalling at lights several times, going backwards 
inadvertently, and often creeping along at what was probably an 
inappropriate speed, I was only honked at once.  And I did manage to get 
to Florida with no accidents.


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