[DWJ] Re: Lurkers on the List

Colin Fine colin at kindness.demon.co.uk
Thu Mar 29 16:44:29 EDT 2007

Minnow wrote:
> Melissa appeared to admit to a minor imperfection in her yoof
>> I learned to drive a stick at the same time as an automatic, but somehow
>> everyone neglected to tell me that you have to downshift when you come to a
>> stop.  I never did understand why my car always stalled at the same light
>> three blocks from the high school.  I thought I was cursed.
> I first learnt to drive on a car that only had second gear *sometimes*.
> Other times, it simply ignored the whole sordid idea of changing up from
> first to second, and went straight to one of the other two gears, third if
> I was lucky; in real crises like hill-starts it stayed in neutral.
> The up side of this was that I got really good at deploying the hand-brake.
> It wasn't just me: everyone who drove that car agreed that it didn't
> approve of second gear and thought it was for wimps.
> Minnow
Ah. When I first came to Bradford, 15 years ago, my brother lent me his 
car for the first few months. When he delivered it to me the day I was 
coming up here, he apologetically explained that it seemed to have lost 
first gear. By the time I arrived, it had lost second as well. Imagine 
arriving in an unfamiliar and *hilly* city with no gear wimpier than 
third ....


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