[DWJ] Sorry. (was long ago thread called Book recommendations)

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Thu Mar 29 16:31:07 EDT 2007

Minnow wrote:
> Damn.  I'm sorry.  It's not being smarter, though, it's only having had
> that particular experience.  That lot really was a bit
> tank-to-crush-a-wasp's-nest of me, wasn't it...

Don't apologize!  It's I who should apologize, if anyone.  But I expect 
that most of you are smarter than me.  I have "issues" which prevent me 
from being at my best most of the time.  And everyone here seems far 
better educated than me.  Some of you even write books, something I 
could never do.

> Speaking of which, I am told, and I do believe, that a solitary unarmed
> Pole once took out a German tank during the War.  He dived into a ditch to
> try to avoid being crushed under it, and landed on a wasp's nest; screaming
> he flung the wasp's nest from him, and it went neatly in at the tank's open
> hatch, whereafter the tank went over the edge of a small cliff into a
> river, or some such.  Anyone else ever come across that one?

I have heard that story.  Don't know if it's true, or merely apocryphal, 
but it's a good story.

> I know the square root of b*gg*r all about any binary trees.... Hey, is
> that something that might adapt into fantasy?  What would the
> characteristics of a binary tree be if it were in a DWJ book?

Rick Cook wrote some fantasies involving the application of computer 
programming lore to magic.  Decent, lightweight books, suitable for an 
evening when nothing's on on television (most evernings, in other 
words).  DWJ used something like a binary tree in, uh, <raps side of 
head> uh, Deep Secret?  The one where all the universes have a 
hierarchy.  If you picture nodes, with a base node and branching paths 
(pointers) to other nodes, sort of a graph (in the mathematical sense), 
each node a universe.  Maybe something similar in The lives of 
Christopher Chant as well.

> Oh, and you do know what "baiting" implies, to a minnow?  <shudder>  You
> are amply avenged.

I wondered if you'd spot that.  :)

> Minnow

Now I must go.  *The Game* awaits!

--Mark Allums

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