[DWJ] Sorry. (was long ago thread called Book recommendations)

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Thu Mar 29 15:27:16 EDT 2007

>Minnow wrote:  A lot of good stuff.
>Mark A. replies:
>I really ought to know better than to try baiting people who are smarter
>than me.  Here in the United states, there is tremendous variety in the
>way things are taught.  However, not that many schools teach in the way
>you describe.  I would consider myself lucky to be in a system like
>yours.  My professor really did tell me (and others) that _Wuthering
>Heights_ is a favorite of college English teachers, for the reasons
>given, and I believed him.  Still do.  However, he may have missed
>knowing the futility of it.  To this day, I cannot remember much about
>the book, even though I dutifully read it.  Something about it being the
>classic example of a Gothic novel, and had a character named Heathcliff.
>   It just wasn't memorable to me.  A better choice of book (perhaps
>Frankenstein) might have stayed with me.  Or perhaps it's me.  I was not
>an English major; I "read" computer science.  I can tell you a lot more
>about a binary tree than any of the Brontes.  I can tell you more about
>Diana Wynne Jones than the Brontes, for that matter.

Damn.  I'm sorry.  It's not being smarter, though, it's only having had
that particular experience.  That lot really was a bit
tank-to-crush-a-wasp's-nest of me, wasn't it...

Speaking of which, I am told, and I do believe, that a solitary unarmed
Pole once took out a German tank during the War.  He dived into a ditch to
try to avoid being crushed under it, and landed on a wasp's nest; screaming
he flung the wasp's nest from him, and it went neatly in at the tank's open
hatch, whereafter the tank went over the edge of a small cliff into a
river, or some such.  Anyone else ever come across that one?

I know the square root of b*gg*r all about any binary trees.... Hey, is
that something that might adapt into fantasy?  What would the
characteristics of a binary tree be if it were in a DWJ book?

Oh, and you do know what "baiting" implies, to a minnow?  <shudder>  You
are amply avenged.


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