[DWJ] Gears (was Re: Lurkers on the List)

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Thu Mar 29 14:56:40 EDT 2007

Minnow wrote:
> Anyone who plans to use an automatic car only for a while, there's a really
> important piece of advice: do not use both your feet in the automatic if
> you plan to go back to a manual car afterwards.  If you accustom yourself
> to one foot for the accelerator and the other for the brake instead of one
> for the clutch and the other for both brake and accelerator, sure as
> unicorns there will come the day you try to hit the brakes hard in the
> manual car, and depress the clutch instead because it's where your feet
> expect the brake to be.  My ma-in-law hired an automatic car in America for
> some months and on her return to England and the family manual, she hit
> what she thought was the brake at a T-junction onto a major road with fast
> traffic on it, only it was the clutch her left foot was on and she had a
> write-off-the-car, lucky-to-survive experience because she rolled
> gracefully out into the path of a large Rover.

One *never* uses the left foot for the brake.  That is a big, Big, BIG 
no-no!  One uses the left foot exclusivly for the clutch, and if there 
isn't a clutch, the left foot is to dangle uselessly on the floor. 
Period.  The very idea!  >shudder<

--Mark A.

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