[DWJ] long ago thread called Book recommendations

Mark Allums mark at allums.com
Thu Mar 29 14:50:11 EDT 2007

Minnow wrote:  A lot of good stuff.

Mark A. replies:

I really ought to know better than to try baiting people who are smarter 
than me.  Here in the United states, there is tremendous variety in the 
way things are taught.  However, not that many schools teach in the way 
you describe.  I would consider myself lucky to be in a system like 
yours.  My professor really did tell me (and others) that _Wuthering 
Heights_ is a favorite of college English teachers, for the reasons 
given, and I believed him.  Still do.  However, he may have missed 
knowing the futility of it.  To this day, I cannot remember much about 
the book, even though I dutifully read it.  Something about it being the 
classic example of a Gothic novel, and had a character named Heathcliff. 
   It just wasn't memorable to me.  A better choice of book (perhaps 
Frankenstein) might have stayed with me.  Or perhaps it's me.  I was not 
an English major; I "read" computer science.  I can tell you a lot more 
about a binary tree than any of the Brontes.  I can tell you more about 
Diana Wynne Jones than the Brontes, for that matter.

--Mark A.

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