[DWJ] Re: Lurkers on the List

Elizabeth G. Holtrop elizabeth at bouma-holtrop.com
Wed Mar 28 19:15:18 EDT 2007

HSchinske at aol.com wrote:
>Don't worry, Elizabeth, I was a lurcher (aren't they large friendly dogs?  
>pant, pant, slobber, grin) at an even greater age than you -- lessee, I think I  
>was 27. I could drive all right, and had even learned on a stick shift, but 
>had  never had a car of my own before and really hadn't driven much. I thought 
>the  little blue light that came on when my headlights were on was something 
>nice and  helpful ... alas, I was going around with the high beams on all the 
>time! Oops.  Fortunately I didn't cause any crashes. I eventually did get so I 
>could start on  a hill, parallel park, all that stuff I thought I was 
genetically incapable of  somehow. 

That is encouraging.  I need to learn to drive between now and May, when I will (hopefully) start a legal internship; so far it seems doomed, but I'm persevering.  I've already been pulled over by the campus police when I was practicing in parking lots at my college; he asked if I was lost because I had been going in slow circles for at least half an hour.  Ouch.


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