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Wed Mar 28 13:10:19 EDT 2007

In a message dated 3/28/2007 6:50:34 A.M. Pacific Daylight  Time, Elizabeth 
G. Holtrop, a lurker, or is it lurcher, writes:

I wish  we had those plates here in the US.  I'm learning to drive, on stick  
shift no less (seems like everyone else here has an automatic), and I have no 
 way to indicate to other drivers that I'm trying my best but they're going 
to  have to be patient with my lurching.  Moreover, in my small town it's  
unusual for someone not to get their license at the "correct" age of 16, so  
lurching at 21 is really seen as socially Not  Done.

Don't worry, Elizabeth, I was a lurcher (aren't they large friendly dogs?  
pant, pant, slobber, grin) at an even greater age than you -- lessee, I think I  
was 27. I could drive all right, and had even learned on a stick shift, but 
had  never had a car of my own before and really hadn't driven much. I thought 
the  little blue light that came on when my headlights were on was something 
nice and  helpful ... alas, I was going around with the high beams on all the 
time! Oops.  Fortunately I didn't cause any crashes. I eventually did get so I 
could start on  a hill, parallel park, all that stuff I thought I was 
genetically incapable of  somehow. 
Helen Schinske

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