[DWJ] Lurkers on the List, plus cucumber sandwiches and marmite

Irina Rempt irina at valdyas.org
Wed Mar 28 12:42:56 EDT 2007

On Wednesday 28 March 2007, Minnow wrote:

> Bettina pushed through the pampas:

> >So, have some virtual cucumber sandwiches and join the fun whenever
> > you feel like it.
> We could now start to discuss those sandwiches: with or without
> crusts? White bread or brown?  Does one need to cut the rind off the
> cucumber?

White by all means: brown is for egg and cress sandwiches.

This is the high tea I made last February:


> Oh and speaking of marmite: did anyone on the list have any of the
> Guinness Marmite that they made to celebrate St Patrick's Day, and
> was it noticeably different from ordinary marmite?  Is it worth
> looking out for some if they do it again next year?

Argh, someone promised to send me some and I forgot to mail her my 
street address. (Which will be subject to change Real Soon Now: we're 
buying a whopping big house in the town centre on Friday!)


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