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Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Wed Mar 28 11:34:29 EDT 2007

> ODWJM - Loki, whom someone mentioned non-spoilerishly, and perhaps 
> connected with EDoL, is a trickster figure. Like many of his kind, 
> including Puck, I suppose, his tricks can be dangerous when swallowed and 
> should never be tried at home. I first encountered Loki (whom I called 
> LOCKIE) in Look and Learn or World of Wonder, in a series called "Tales 
> from Many Lands". Whoever compiled the Tales liked Nose mythology, so the 
> Tales were heavily Thor-and-Loki-flavoured. Since the readership was young, 
> the sting was drawn, and I got the picture of Loki as a mischief-maker who 
> was nice and fun. OTOH, Tyr DID get his hand bitten off by Fenris Wolf... 
> It's odd the way first impressions linger.

Have you come across _Thor's Wedding Day_ as interpreted by Bruce 
Coville? It almost reconciles me to the fact that Coville writes.

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