[DWJ] DWJ characters at a wedding party

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Wed Mar 28 11:30:22 EDT 2007

On Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise wrote:

|> Oh yes! Also Sophie. And if it was a Nepali wedding, Mini the elephant! 
|*suddenly has a burst of brain fireworks* Envisioning the managingness 
|of Sophie at a wedding suddenly makes me wonder-- is there any 
|connection betwen Howl's Sophie and Heyer's _Grand Sophy_? Because, when 
|Sophie is feeling her oats, she's definitely as managing as Sophy. 

My, we're talky this week.

In any case, I think Sophie Hatter needs a monkey.

This is St. Gulik. He is the Messenger of the Goddess. A different age from
ours called him Hermes. Many people called him by many names. He is a

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