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Hopefully it won't be too confusing to have a Suzanne W. de-lurk so soon
after a Susanna V.  I too have been a long-time pretty much full-time
lurker on the list.  I posted once about 8 years ago and got scared off at
that time because I was then searching for my first "professional" job and
when I googled myslef that post would always come up first in the results.
As I had not, alas, posted anything wise or witty I wasn't too keen on my
potential employers doing the same.

Nowadays my only excuse for never posting is that I tend to read all the
posts in a big chunk and the things I think of responding generally get
said by someone else before me.  I do enjoy reading the posts, though, and
find you all a delightful group whom I don't particularly fear receiving
bites from.

Suzanne W.
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 Greetings, Susanna V. I think all of us lurk from time to time, but I
 sometimes wonder how many lurk full(ish) time, and why. Are the vocal ones

 intimidating? Are lurkers-by-choice natural observers? Maybe we all have
 self-appointed list-roles.

 ODWJM - DWJ goes in for a lot of "roles". Grandmother in The Game is close

 cousin to several others of her ilk. Granny in F&H is a notable


 Hark to the wailin' o Biddy Banshee!

 As she dirges the end o' the Scion, O'Flynn

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