[DWJ] Lurkers on the List, plus cucumber sandwiches and marmite

Minnow minnow at belfry.org.uk
Wed Mar 28 09:48:53 EDT 2007

Bettina pushed through the pampas:

>Hello to everybody from a part-time lurker :-)
>Whilst I understand the idea of "NP-signs", to me that would feel like a
>bit like a "probation period" (that's what we have in Germany when you get
>your driving license). As if you had to prove "worthy" of posting like the
>regulars. Which - I think - you don't :-)

Oh eek argh!  No, you're right, that would be awful.  Not at all what I was

>And as this list is a very friendly place, there isn't much "carving up
>viciously" going on, anyway (you can tell I'm quite taken with the car

Every so often there are slight jockeyings for position on roundabouts.  :-)

>What you can do, as a newbie or, as non native speaker, is put up a
>disclaimer if you feel it's needed. Personally, I write from time to time
>"English is not my native language, so if this or that is unclear or
>sounds a bit odd, go easy on me". However, I would not like to write "NNS"
>in every mail ;-)

I think a recognised simple form of "I'm new here" might be helpful as a
possibility; I wasn't trying to suggest it as compulsory.  (I very, very
rarely suggest *anything* as compulsory, ever, anywhere, though sometimes I
wish people walking home from clubs at two in the morning didn't always
feel obliged to BELLOW TO EACH OTHER, and might at that hour and when they
have woken me with the details of their sex lives advocate *gags* being
applied as drunks leave clubs.)

>And, on the general subject of piping up from time to time: Every comment
>makes this list come alive. And whilst we all enjoy literary discussions,
>I fondly remember discussing foods of all sorts. And somebody writing LoCC
>was a favorite because it makes - er? - headaches? go away (I don't quite
>recall it). Or collecting lists of the funniest DWJ scenes, or the
>So, have some virtual cucumber sandwiches and join the fun whenever you
>feel like it.

We could now start to discuss those sandwiches: with or without crusts?
White bread or brown?  Does one need to cut the rind off the cucumber?

Not that I care personally, because I don't like cucumber (it's like
marmite, I think: you either do or don't and there is no middle ground),
but it's a good idea to be sure about the etiquette for making the things
for other people.

Oh and speaking of marmite: did anyone on the list have any of the Guinness
Marmite that they made to celebrate St Patrick's Day, and was it noticeably
different from ordinary marmite?  Is it worth looking out for some if they
do it again next year?

Minnow (darting from subject to subject as if through waterweed)

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