[DWJ] Lurkers on the List

Maaria Rantala maaria.rantala at iki.fi
Wed Mar 28 07:09:17 EDT 2007

Another full-time lurker here answering to the call!

What Liina wrote was almost exactly what I was planning to write, so 
instead I'll just copy it. :)

> I can't speak for anybody else, but as for me ... well, you vocal 
> ones ARE a bit intimidating, in fact ;) However, that's mostly 
> because - as another lurker once remarked - everyone else here seems 
> to have so wise opinions and excellent arguments (for occasional 
> disagreements).
> That may be because of educational background, I don't know. But 
> after reading these discussions for a while it you sort of feel silly 
> trying to join in with "I really liked/didn't like the book!" type of 
> comment. Well, I do, at least.
> Why I read the list, then?
> Well, I really like the friendly tone of the list, I really love 
> books by DWJ, and I get tons of excellent book recommendations :D

And a point of my own to add: since I subscribe to the digest mode of 
the list, if I for once have a fine enough point to make, the opinion 
is very often already been expressed by someone else.

Nowadays I'm even more of a lurker since I have to jump over and save 
all the Game-related posts. I'm still clinging to my plan of saving 
some money by getting the book from either Vancouver in June or London 
(yay!) in August.


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