[DWJ] recommended reading for teens?

Hallie O'Donovan hallieod at indigo.ie
Wed Mar 28 06:15:31 EDT 2007

>Dear List,
>Many moons ago, I seem to recall, that someone (Melissa?) was 
>putting togther a list of YA fantasy that we as a group recommended. 
>Providing I didn't dream it, can some kindly person please direct me 
>to this list? I have a student with a 13 year old who will only read 
>LoTR and non-fiction, and she is hoping to tempt him to broaden his 

This will only be some help, Robyn, but might make it easier for 
someone else to get you the list you're looking for.  I've been 
reading through the archives for a while, and found a long thread 
about YA recommendations - mostly in June 2002 
What's odd is that I found my remembered offer to repost a list I'd 
got together in 1999, for the fun of comparing with the list of 
authors collected from the thread Melissa offered to post, but could 
find neither of our lists.  Even by moving onto July (and August, for 
my own posts.)

If you've a bit of time you can find a lot of good recs in the 
discussion from the time, though it's a slower way to get what you 
want.  Unfortunately we'd a major computer crash in 2003 so I can't 
check my own in/out-boxes from then.


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