[DWJ] Lurkers on the List

Liina liina.poropudas at gmail.com
Wed Mar 28 04:04:32 EDT 2007

> Greetings, Susanna V. I think all of us lurk from time to time, but I
> sometimes wonder how many lurk full(ish) time, and why. Are the vocal ones
> intimidating? Are lurkers-by-choice natural observers? Maybe we all have
> self-appointed list-roles.

Another full-time lurker here, hello :)

I can't speak for anybody else, but as for me ... well, you vocal ones
ARE a bit intimidating, in fact ;)
However, that's mostly because - as another lurker once remarked -
everyone else here seems to have so wise opinions and excellent
arguments (for occasional disagreements).
That may be because of educational background, I don't know. But after
reading these discussions for a while it you sort of feel silly trying
to join in with "I really liked/didn't like the book!" type of
comment. Well, I do, at least.

Why I read the list, then?
Well, I really like the friendly tone of the list, I really love books
by DWJ, and I get tons of excellent book recommendations :D

So: thanks, all you vocal ones, for these excellent discussions -
please don't ever stop!


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