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Dragonflygreen dragonflygreen11 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 27 23:04:20 EDT 2007

I'm a bit embarrassed at how long I've been lurking full time, actually.  For me, at least, it was trying to get the lay of the land and discover what the etiquette was.  Then it just got to be a habit.  And then one feels that one ought to make some splashy or meaningful comment as an introduction, and all sorts of performance anxiety issues come in.  But really, you all seem like awfully nice people, and I don't think you bite, so I encourage other lurkers to come out, too.  

I just got "The Game" today, and I'm looking forward to scrolling past all those spoiler spaces as soon as I finish it.  It looks all too short...

One other thing that's been on my mind: I've more or less figured out what ODWJM *means*, but I'm afraid I haven't been clever enough to figure out what the O and the M stand for.  Any help?

Susanna V.

Sally Odgers wrote:

Greetings, Susanna V. I think all of us lurk from time to time, but I 
sometimes wonder how many lurk full(ish) time, and why. Are the vocal ones 
intimidating? Are lurkers-by-choice natural observers? Maybe we all have 
self-appointed list-roles.

ODWJM - DWJ goes in for a lot of "roles". Grandmother in The Game is close 
cousin to several others of her ilk. Granny in F&H is a notable disexample.


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