[DWJ] List Lurking

Sally Odgers sodgers at iinet.net.au
Tue Mar 27 21:16:48 EDT 2007

Cathy McM said:

 lurk because I try to start by being polite and listening before talking.
And then it gets to be a habit.  The whole "what do I really have to add" 
kicks in.  And when I do have something to add, it usually runs afoul of
someone's else's dearly held views.

I suggest... this is the best list ever for disagreeing. I can't remember 
anyone getting offended at someone else's different views. Maybe it's 
because we (usually) keep to the point.

ODWJM - Loki, whom someone mentioned non-spoilerishly, and perhaps connected 
with EDoL, is a trickster figure. Like many of his kind, including Puck, I 
suppose, his tricks can be dangerous when swallowed and should never be 
tried at home. I first encountered Loki (whom I called LOCKIE) in Look and 
Learn or World of Wonder, in a series called "Tales from Many Lands". 
Whoever compiled the Tales liked Nose mythology, so the Tales were heavily 
Thor-and-Loki-flavoured. Since the readership was young, the sting was 
drawn, and I got the picture of Loki as a mischief-maker who was nice and 
fun. OTOH, Tyr DID get his hand bitten off by Fenris Wolf... It's odd the 
way first impressions linger. Piers Anthony played games with traditional 
figures (Fate, Death, Evil etc) in the Incarnations of Immortality series. 
As someone (Minnow?) suggested about Baba Yaga, these were TITLES, and were 
borne by a succession of holders.

And the leprechauns tighten their aprons an' holds

On the handles o' hammers an' look to their gold

(Biddy Banshee) 

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